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ThomasBThomas Bayard – founder of VinoFino and editor in chief, an enthusiastic amateur chef, wine connoisseur and Italian freak. Have a genuine passion for wine and food, which can be partly explained by an inherited love for cooking and a professional past within ICA (the biggest supermarket chain in Sweden) where my interest for fresh food got nurtured. Started to blog already back in 2001, but then on another theme (political). Was in 2006 voted as one of the 15 best political blogs in Sweden. In my everyday life I live in Västerås / Stockholm and works with Information Technology (IT) in a big, international company.

My relationship with wine began at a young age, when I unlike my friends always did chose wine over other alcoholic beverages on festive occasions. Since then my taste, thankfully, have evolved quite a bit and my love for and interest in wine has constantly grown. I have always had a fondness for the old world wines, especially Italian wines because they seem to suit my palate very well. And when I cook, it is usually inspired by the amazing Italian cuisine. I spend at least two weeks every year in Italy, preferably at an Agriturismo as a starting point for vineyard- and restaurant visits.

I’m not a pro on wine, far from it. My experiences are very personal, and some of these experiences I choose to share with you through this blog. Blogging is also an important way for me to constantly learn more about wine and all that surrounds this amazing area of ​​interest.

All wine reviews are completely independent, not influenced by suppliers / importers and reflects only my own wine experience at the moment of tasting.

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